shao dong


Name: Shao Dong

Nationality: China

Occupation: Businessman/Pimp (previous Porn Star)

Age: 40

Height: 1.71

Weight: 67 kg


“can i interest you in a piece of dong?


“I already am rich and powerful. I can fuck any girl I want anytime I want. I could fuck even you right now, if I felt like it. But the one person I truly want to fuck is D.B. Judge. He is a spoiled little brat that doesn’t deserve his spotlight. When I win GUTS, I’m gonna make him my bitch and take over the show, transforming it into the biggest porn show in the history of mankind.”


He was a very innocent and sweet child, full of dreams and hopes for the future. Willing to be famous, he was enrolled in an international celebrities school in UK at the age of 11. The celebrities’ school was very harsh on him, specially D.B. Judge and the other mean kids that followed him around. People made fun of his dreams of being a Kung Fu star until he couldn’t take it anymore and returned to Hong Kong.


At the age of 20 he received a proposal of joining a reality show called “Who wants to be a Loser?”. Shao joined the show and it was just as humiliating as it could be. During the show one of the presenters approached him from behind and pulled his pants all the way down to his knees, revealing his private parts to the camera. But instead of making fun of him, people were astonished by his gigantic penis. On the very next day, Shao received a proposal of starring in a porn movie.


Shao’s shyness and timidity vanished, giving birth to a womanizer porn star: confident, arrogant and very sexy. He became the secret crush of all the chinese housewives and his movies were distributed to all countries around the internet.


Shao then changed his name to “Shao Dong”. He had a great head for business: with money and power on his side, he started his own empire inside the porn industry. One decade later, Shao owned half the companies of China and was involved in every sex product released around the world. Filthy rich and incredibly influent, his hobbies were now non-stop partying for days and spending time on fancy nightclubs and casinos, wasting fortunes on gambling and making rich friends everywhere.


Shao then decided to use his money and influence to get a spot for him inside the GUTS roster, with a single goal in mind: winning the championship and, as his prize, getting D.B. Judge for himself, turning the host into his private little bitch and conquering GUTS for himself, turning it into the greatest porn show in the history of the world.