Name: Svetlana Stepanova

Nationality: Russia

Occupation: Professional Stunt Biker

Age: 29

Height: 1.77

Weight: 80 kg


“time to fight like a girl


"Create the best bike show ever to propagate the badass biker culture: hosted by robot Lemmy (Motorhead), with my metal band MoleRats playing live and featuring the craziest, most dangerous and deadly bike tracks”


Svet Kanyvel is the artistic name for Svetlana Stepanova, a russian woman that learned to be tough right from early times: she was abandoned by her mother at age of 6 in Moskow. She was sent to a government foster care home, where she quickly got bored. She created a way to sneak out of the foster home during the day and come back by night, having fun on the outdoors by creating traps for cars that passed by on the street - such as throwing water balloons at them - and creating funny videos with the accidents.


One of Svet’s “victims” was Tatyana Vuvaleva, leader of a biker gang called The MoleRats. Svet put some spikes on the road and BAM! - they gave Tatyana’s bike a flat tire.  She immediately saw that the kid was bright and promising, but needed guidance and some manners. She invited her to join the gang - which Svet immediately agreed to. The MoleRats are a vintage underground gang that praises Old-School motorbiking, with strong and loud engines, speed on the roads, lots of physical contact, friendly fistfights, rock and roll with moshpits and, of course, no flying shit. So Svet grew up in a tough love environment: people would easily die for another member of the gang, but wouldn’t show that at all. “Feelings are for morons”.


Smart and witty, she learned everything very fast, and by age 12 she already rode her own bike and was the official Bass Player for the MoleRats Metal Band. All other members of the gang admired her and saw her as a potential leader at some point in the future. At age of 15, her best friend taught her how to ride bikes in dangerous ways and doing cool stunts. Soon she started creating and facing challenges with her biker friends just for fun.


As time went by, the gang started broadcasting Svet’s stunts and the MoleRats gigs, and her popularity skyrocketed. Her very strong personality and dangerous dares guaranteed a loyal  fanbase, which made her a respectable celebrity in the world. People enjoy seeing her music, her dares and stunts as well as her cursing things she doesn’t like.