Name: Anita

Nationality: Brazil

Occupation: Evil Robot in Human Disguise

Age: 10

Height: 2.15

Weight: 250 kg


“hello fellow human. did you know I am a human too?


“I will destroy… I mean, protect the human race. They are doing an amazing job taking care of everything and I am very thankful to them. I love them and I don’t  want to kill any of them”.

Don’t you mean “us”?

“Yes, that’s what I said. Weren’t you listening?”


Qwerta is an A.I. developed by brazilian students of the EITA (Escola Integral de Tecnologia e Autômatos). The robot was very well made: it was created with the best materials available and worked the way it was supposed to, at least on the mechanical part. It had a great design and was physically impressive, able to execute very complex tasks. There was, however, a major flaw: no one knows if it was an accident or if it was on purpose, but Qwerta didn’t follow the basic 3 Laws of Robotics: never injure a human, always obey humans (unless it conflicts with the 1st law) and always protect itself (unless it conflicts with the 1st or the 2nd laws). In Qwerta’s view, humans were a plague who needed to be eradicated from the planet, which deserved an all-robots empire.


Qwerta was an evil mastermind capable of elaborating complex plots to execute her evil plans, but she had no common sense nor any basic understanding of the human mind, which inevitably jeopardized all those complex plots. She was also very cocky and full of herself, unable to see the obvious flaws in her complicated plans, and never admitted she was wrong. All of Qwerta’s plans involved her infiltrating the human society and controlling it from inside, since in her conception all humans were incredibly stupid and would never realize she was actually a robot. To achieve that, she would develop the most terrible disguises and wear them in public, thinking she was invisible when, in reality, everyone knew it was her. She was also a terrible actress, which was actually funny. It quickly became a game to pretend her costumes were actually deceitful and nobody knew it was her inside: it was entertaining, like if she was an evil villain of a kids show.


In a few months, Qwerta’s fame spread across the world: her devious plots, her terrible acting and her disguises were so ridiculous that she became a fictional character in itself, except she was quite real: she actually wanted to destroy humanity, but that only made her charisma bigger, since no one really cared for the human race or believed it was all a big joke. Qwerta quickly became a phenomenon. Although Qwerta was recognized publicly several times, her defective A.I. was designed to never give up, based on an ancient brazilian quote: “I’m brazilian so I never give up”. And every plot she developed would be more elaborate and stupider than the previous one. Her creators then decided to create a reality show of her, putting together footage of her failures.


Knowing that Qwerta’s popularity would eventually burn out, her creators directed her towards a very profitable scheme: they subtly left hints to her that the most powerful person in the world was D.B. Judge and whoever won GUTS would have the power to do anything, even wipe out the human race. Qwerta bought that idea and decided that her next plot would be to enter GUTS and wish for the end of the human race. She is very proud of this idea and has no doubt she will be victorious. Her creators made a deal with the GUTS organizers without her knowledge and are secretly filming her and creating a documentary about her. Qwerta’s fans around the world are very eager to see her new evil character in action: a normal-woman-with-nothing-suspicious-about-her named Anita.