sergeant sam


Name: Sgt. Samuel Al-Kassim

Nationality: Egypt/USA

Occupation: Scavenger, Relics Collector, Military Fanatic

Age: 64

Height: 1,84

Weight: 92 kg


“Fire first, ask questions later!


“...I am talking to you, D.B. Wait for me. I’m coming and I’ll have your head. You will pay for what you have done.”

So, what has he done for you?

“This fucking GUTS freak show brought peace upon the world. No more wars, no more battles! GUTS is turning us all into sheeps! We have no more reason to be alive! I’m bringing it all back! And it all begins with the downfall of D.B. Judge.”


From a young age, he was a fan of the american army; he loved guns, fighting and war; he was a fanatic for military apparel and military history. As he grew up and actually became a soldier, he started his own military collection, where he kept a lot of old relics, featuring lots of machine guns, pistols, helmets, jackets, camouflage gear, old grenades and mines, and many other things kept in his backyard. This collection was kept with him for his whole life, even after he was dismissed from his duties. Samuel could never forget the time he spent in the army and didn’t want to be a part of what the world had become: empty celebrities and attention whores, competing for audience.


As the years went by, the army got less and less about fighting, and more about appearances: the world was becoming a very peaceful place and there were no big wars to fight out there. In 2054 he was dismissed from his duty, with 51 years old, together with a lot of military personnel. Coincidently, the year he was dismissed was the same years that GUTS, an already worldwide phenomenon, featured the social theory that “violence on TV reduced violence in real life”. He spent his first years outside the army trying to fight back what the society had become by organizing protests and marches to instigate a few wars, but it was a lost cause: around the globe, people didn’t care at all about fighting.


Fed up with everything, Samuel refused to adapt and decided to gather a few friends and start a war of his own. And the ideal place to do that was very close to the birthplace of his parents: the ghost city of Cairo. When the global warming arrived, Cairo was abandoned and the population migrated to other places. For the last 13 years, Samuel wandered the lifeless lands of Egypt, fighting his own wars with a few lunatics he brought together and searching and collecting old relics of the civilization he once knew. Just like everybody else out there, he refused to surrender himself over to the new technologies and started to create his own gadgets, adapting them when necessary.


He didn’t sign up for GUTS: in his opinion, GUTS is to blame for what society has become. GUTS, however, discovered him and his post-apocalyptic utopian civilization on Cairo and realized that a genuine and interesting figure like him would render GUTS plenty of audience, so they approached him with a proposal: if he fought and won, they would give him anything he wanted. Faced with that proposal, Samuel focused all his hate on the core of GUTS and asked for the sole thing they wouldn’t give him: the life of D.B. Judge. Since Samuel’s philosophy was dangerous to the GUTS way of life, however, D.B. Judge himself took up his challenge and promised him that, if Samuel won, he would fight him to the death; it was a great opportunity to kill this dangerous figure and make a show of it. Samuel, who was eager to fight a real war, accepted the proposal and so they had a deal.