risa akabane


Name: Risa Akabane

Nationality: Japan

Occupation: Avant-garde painter

Age: 22

Height: 1.70

Weight: 49 kg


“art requires sacrifices. literally.


“Hum, Risa doesn’t know… Risa thinks she wants the world to accept her, so she would like to change all those evil laws that prevents her from creating her art! Then Risa will be able to kill anything and everyone with no danger of going to jail. And use their beautiful blood to paint a cute portrait that will make everyone happy!”


Risa Akabane was found in Tokyo, Japan, wandering in the streets alone with the age of 3. In that part of the world, the sun radiation is incredibly high and most people would die from the lightest exposure. Risa, however, managed to stay alive for who knows how much time and was rescued by the authorities. They sent her to a hospital and, afterwards, to an orphanage, since her parents couldn’t be identified. Because of her exposure to the sun radiation, her skin acquired a very unusual tanned tonality. She was adopted and sent to her new home with the age of 6.


It doesn’t took long for her new parents to realise little Risa was a psychopath. Risa tried to recreate the things she saw on TV and on the internet, being fascinated with blood, entrails, guts and all types of violence. With the age of 6, she started to secretly capture and torture little animals, soaking herself with their blood. Her parents were horrified and sent her to a psychiatrist, who diagnosed her with psychopathy. The doctor suggested her parents to engage her with other activities to occupy her mind and distract her evil nature. That’s when she started painting.


In the beginning, painting worked. She stopped showing signs of evilness and stopped showing the fascination she had with blood, replacing it with the color red. Only a year later, her parents realized that she was keeping a secret dungeon below the house, where the hid the dead bodies of the animals she kidnapped, and that her beautiful paintings, always featuring marvelous red tonalities, hanged everywhere around the house, were painted with blood instead of ink.. 


Rejected by her parents, she was sent back to the orphanage, where she remained until she was 18 years old. At the orphanage, she was encouraged by her psychiatrists to start a youtube channel to occupy herself. The name of the channel she created was “Fifty Shades of Red” and there she posted videos of her paintings and things related to her art, such as torturing things, draining their blood and, of course, torturing and killing them.


At first, her psychiatrists were horrified and tried to shut down her channel, but hesitated when they saw the incredible amount of views and followers she got from a few short videos.  It didn’t take long for her to start using human blood on her pieces of art, and since she was famous enough, it was easy for her to find someone crazy enough to literally die for her in between her legion of fans. Risa led the newest artistic revolution of the century: blood painting through consented violence.