db judge


Name: David BO Judge

Nationality: Great Britain

Occupation: GUTS Showrunner and Presenter

Age: 40

Height: 1.83

Weight: 72 kg


“let the carnage begin!


“I already won, my darling, don’t bore me... But ok: If I win again, I’d wish to have another me born, so I could fight myself and create the best show in the history of the universe”


D.B. Judge was born in Folkestone, a town south UK, single child from a single mom. Ever since he was a baby, he got used to being the sole center of attention. His mom was always very dedicated to making him happy. Food, toys, strolls… she gave him everything - so much she eventually spoiled him… just a bit.


Pretty early, at the age of 3, DB went on to an TV audition to become a kid’s show presenter. His ability to communicate and high charisma levels got him the job right away. Soon he was presenting “Good Morning DB!”, a daily show with cartoons and competitions that awarded prizes to other children by talking to him live by the phone.


After 10 years on TV, he was a wildly famous teen celebrity; he was rich; everyone wanted to befriend him. For an egocentric lad, that is the life!


But then the worst happended: a Dr.  discovered that violence on TV was great for fighting violence in real life. One by one, all regular TV shows were cancelled and replaced by crazy and violent Reality Shows. Good Morning DB was cancelled and DB was suddenly outshined by a whole bunch of new-celebrities that rose up with te new shows.


Forgotten and unknown, he was not the center of attentions anymore for the first time in his life. It was awful! He got really angry, and had to do some serious therapy and psychiatric treatment to deal with the sudden anonymity.


When he was 20 years old, a new show came along: GUTS, offering the winner the right to have any single wish granted. It was perfect. He enlisted, got in, beat the crap out of everyone and got his wish: to run this show and become a celebrity again.


He has run the show for the past 20 years, and works really hard to become the most famous person in the planet by making GUTS the greatest and most popular show on the universe. There is a fierce competition with other great showrunners - but he is confident that GUTS XX will be the best piece of entertainment ever created by humanity.