FATher maromba

Name: Arnold Maromba / Father Maromba

Nationality: USA (New York)

Occupation: Religious Leader / Incarnation of God

Age: 33

Height: 2.01

Weight: 119 kg


"Look at this Muscle, Mothefucka!"

“If I win GUTS, we shall start the FAGS: Fatties Are to Go Scheme. We will purge humanity of all fatty fucks that disgust us everyday with their opulent, weak, muscleless, gross bodies and lack of faith in God Crews”


Arnold Maromba became Father Maromba after being nominated Great ArchiMuscle of the Muscle - the highest rank in Muscle Muscle Church. Now he leds the church to a great growth by using both his charisma and his hatred for fatties.

Ever since the early 2040’s, a new church had started to grow all over the world: the Muscle Muscle Church. They are praisers of the muscle, the low-fat body, working out, looking at themselves in the Gym mirror, having a healthy lifestyle full of proteins and low-carb diets. In Muscle Muscle Church’s Bible, the savior would be “The infant that shall be born displaying the Holy Trapezius; a kid so strong he would pop out of his mother’s vagina by doing a push-up”.

Arnold Maromba’s mother, Patty Maromba, was a follower of that religion. She liked to stay fit because of her job: she is a very kinky prostitute. One day she got pregnant of Arnold - but she didn’t realize that until the 25th week of pregnancy. In the meantime, she got laid 935 times. All that pounding had a consequence: Arnold was squeezed in the belly, and then born with a big hunchback.

Then something magical happened: the hunchback looked a lot like a huge muscular trapezius. When Patty took baby Arnold to be baptized, the priest realized: “Its the Holy Trapezius!”. He was a godsend.

By becoming a demi-god to the followers of the church, Arnold grew up with his mom with all kinds of perks and confort. The price: his body fat could never surpass 2% or he would be discovered to be a fraud.

Arnold started working out in the age of 2 and to make his legacy unforgettable, he decided he should get the world rid of fat people. And the best way to do it is by winning GUTS and magically wiping out everyone in the world with more than 20% body fat.