• Up to 4 players in a good old fashioned couch multiplayer;

  • 12 Exclusive and Unique Characters;

  • 6 Arenas equipped with deadly traps;

  • Fast paced Gameplay;

  • Easy to get and hard to master;

  • Visual with vibrant colors and hard lines.

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Aim, pull and finish them!

Get Over Here will bring the whole class of your home together in exciting disputes of up to four people with a simple goal: hook your opponents, bring them close and finish with a beautiful attack to score points!


Getting in the game

Get Over Here is a fast paced battle arena game! Choose one of the 12 over the top characters and get ready to PULL and FINISH all your enemies!

Fast Paced Gameplay

Get Over Here brings all the fun of the good old party games like Bomberman and Towerfall. With the premise of a very atypical reality show, choose from 12 incredible and crazy characters, and use your hooks to pull opponents close, finish them in six different arenas with traps and dangers that hinder you at the same time!


abyss and dash

Double Kill!


Couch multiplayer for up to 4 players

Pure skill - completely balanced

The only thing between you and your next killing spree is your own skills!