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Talaka is a watercolor 2D action game set in a Brazilian Folklore Universe, and its storyline draws from an african-brazilian religion called Candomblé. It is an outstanding culture that most of the world still doesn't even know exists, and we seek to change that with our game.

We have several mythical creatures and Godlike beings (Orishas), all with meanings, roles and deep spherical personalities. We are teaming up with researchers of black brazilian-african culture and are bringing african developers onboard to develop with the game with us. Gameplay is tight and fun, with solid combat and a deep customization system that puts player in total control of what kind of run he wants to make next time. Think Dead Cells combat meets Rogue Legacy's upgrade and room systems.

The game is supposed to make players feel like they are playing a live painting. There's no blood, only ink splashing out of characters. Weapons are ink based. Everything breathes ink and art, and we expect players to enjoy their "masterpieces" once they finish a room and look at the splattered ink all over the battle stage.




DemoNight 2019


Talaka's first public appearance, the game was selected to be shown to Montreal's game industry.


GDC 2019

Best Pitch

Talaka won Best Pitch at GDC's Pitch contest Day 2 against four other participants.


Indie Prize London 2019


Talaka is currently one of Indie Prize London's finalists.