- We are a passionate game studio that loves to work with cool Intellectual Properties (IP). We create games that add value, depth and fun to new or existing IPs from around the world - including a few of our own.

- We are a company that understands how each IP shines and gathers fans, and find creative ways to transform that into remarkable game experiences.


We are a team that praises diversity in all of its senses, and we are proud to be a safe and welcoming company to each and everyone of our stakeholders, regardless of any personal characteristics.


We are based in São Paulo-Brazil. Founded in 2012, we have created over 70 projects across the years for several different platforms. Fun fact: we are just as good in throwing parties as we are in making games - our candlelight parties have become world famous! Join us in the next one :-D


Flux is flow. We are named after the mental state of happiness that games can get you into - both while playing and developing them <3

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